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“Our products are certified by the HALAL institution.”

We offer

Meat producing

Through the new slab line with a capacity of 250 cattle sloughtering in a day of bigger animals and 500 cattle slaughtering in a day of smaller animals.

Meat products

Capacity per days: Burger 490kg, meatballs 250kg, sausage 330kg, ham140kg.

Grill products

During the product separation we also select a part of the production prepared specifically for grilling.

Meat distribution

In addition to our sales point, we also do the distribution of our products (Supermarkets, Restaurants, Different businesses).


You will only find the best products in our stores and where we deliver


Together with our members we believe that the valued proposition for the Kosovo Meat Industry not only includes the quality of our meat production but also the ethical and secured way in wich it is produced.

That is why MMI has helped in facilitating members working together and developing a set of guidelines on health and safety which we believe sets the standard for the meat industry in the world.

Because the industry provides food for export to the premium ends of international markets, being able to produce eat and high quality, but is also produced in a safe and ethical way is the key part of our value proposition as an industry.

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Our Clients

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