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Malësia Meat Industry

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Malësia LTD was founded in 1993 and has 25 years of experience in the meat processing industry, main activity is slaughter and processing of meat. The current slaughtering and processing capacity of the company is: 2500kg of fresh meat, from this quantity 1000kg goes for sale as fresh meat, other 1500kg goes for meat processing as; beef burgers, sausages, ham, or distributed in quantity by time as; beef burgerg 490kg, meatballs 200kg, sausage 330kg, ham 140kg. In the company there are currently 17 employees, 2 of which are execute, 4 in meat processing, 4 in the slaughtering sector, 2 drivers in meat delivery, 2 meat sellers, 1 trading agent, 1 accountant and 1 guardian. Long term experience in the slaughtering market makes it even more powerful in management terms "Malësia" LTD has now created sufficient environment for the development of its activity, referring to the construction of the a new building with a surface area of 1300m2, witch fulfills all the tasks of working this activity, with special emphasis on the slaughtering of the bigger and smaller animals.


1. Animal slaughtering house, which has the primary construction for the laying of the cryogenic line, 6 manipulative rooms in the slaughtering process and 2 quarantine chambers.
2. Meat processing unit which has 4 working room, 6 cooling rooms(CHAMBER ROOMS), 5 packing rooms, and the expedition room. The quality of the products has enabled the company to cover a wide market are throughout the territory of Kosovo, with special focus on the East Kosovo region.
The current slaughter capacity of the company is: 5000kg of fresh meat. Despite the great demands it has in slaughtering, with the current capabilities the enterprise can not meet the requirements of its costumers. This has led the company to expand its capacity through the installation of a new slab line, with the a capacity of slaughtering of 250 bigger animals per day and 500 smaller animal per days. The implements of this project will enable the slaughterhouse to meet its regional requirements for the bigger animals, while meeting the national level requirements of the clientele for small animals (goat and sheep).

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